Basic Breed Info:

Miniature schnauzers originated in Germany in the mid 1800s, and were bred to be used for ratting as well as a guard dog that doesn’t bite. The average life span is around 12 years old, and adult miniature schnauzers generally range in size from 12-18 pounds. In many cases, their guard dog tendency has caused the breed to become extremely loyal to their people. This along with the smaller size has made Miniature Schnauzers a popular breed to own.


Dog Grooming Info:

Miniature schnauzers require some grooming maintenance to keep up with their appearance, as well as sustaining the health and comfort of the dog. Miniature schnauzers are low-shedding dogs, so without proper grooming, their hair may become matted. Matting too close to the skin can cause discomfort, skin irritation, and become the cause of skin infections. A haircut for a miniature schnauzer generally looks short on their back with a longer “skirt”, a beard angled towards the front, and eyebrows angled towards the nose.


Dog Daycare Info:

Miniature schnauzers often benefit from doggy daycare. Because of their loyalty, separation anxiety is common in the breed (video), and the high energy they posses can sometimes lead to destructive behavior when left home alone. Dog daycare provides an outlet for that energy and supplies stimulation to keep their active brains firing, plus it can be so much fun to see all of their four-legged buddies (video).




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