Dog Boarding

We board a limited amount of dogs at a time to ensure your dog gets the attention he/she needs.  All boarding dogs participate in our play groups during the day at no extra charge. After a full day of play your dog will sleep in his/her own spacious kennel.  We offer raised beds and fresh linens to our overnight dogs.  If you prefer to bring your dog’s own bedding or your dog’s own bed it must be washable. We recommend bringing your dog’s food to reduce the stress of boarding and changing diets. We do have grain free house food for those that prefer to leave their dog’s food at home. We also offer treats and filled kongs to boarding dogs with your permission. You are welcome to bring chews or toys but we will not give dogs rawhide while boarding(The Dangers of Rawhide).

Since our boarding dogs participate in our play groups your dog must complete an interview prior to boarding. To learn more about interview day.  All boarding dogs must be up to date on their Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella vaccines. We do accept titers for Distemper.

Our Boarding Prices:

Single Dog

  • $38/night  (1-7 nights)
  • $35/night  (8+ nights)

Each Additional Dog for Multi-Dog Families Sharing the Same Kennel/Suite

  • $34/night  (1-7 nights)
  • $32/night  (8+ nights)

*Checkout date is free if pickup is before noon Mon-Sat. Otherwise, your pet is welcome to stay until close for a half day of daycare ($14).

If your dog requires medications during his/her stay we will give them at no extra charge.  Medications must come in bottles with prescription labels from your vet. We do not give injectable medications.

Boarding Extras:

River Walk: $10 30 mins

Is your dog staying awhile or just want your dog to get out and sniff around the neighborhood? Add a walk or two to your dog’s stay.  We will walk for 30 minutes along the Platte River Path letting your dog take in all the sights and smells and giving your dog the one on one time he/she deserves.