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Puppy Prep School

Puppy Prep School is a specialized daycare option for pups who are too young to attend regular doggie daycare. While you’re at work during the day, your puppy will be learning everything he needs to know to navigate through life.  At Puppy Prep School we help dogs learn the basics like sit, down, wait, coming when called, leave-it and off, crate and potty training all while engaging in socialization and handling activities.  This school is great for puppies whose parents work long days and need help getting their pups off on the right paw.  Puppies must be between the ages of 8-20 weeks old and be current on their vaccination series.  Have questions about the benefits of socialization versus vaccination, talk with your veterinarian or read more about it here.

The Benefits of Puppy Prep School:

  • Positive Socialization Experiences during your puppy’s primary socialization windows
  • Puppies learn foundational skills they will use the rest of their lives
  • Learning how to be handled to make grooming and vet visits easier on you and your dog
  • Potty Training
  • A well mannered, well-adjusted dog
  • Peace of mind knowing your puppy is in good hands and not home alone all day

Puppy Prep School runs Mon-Fri.  Your puppy can sign up for our 3 week course for $750 or our 5 week course for $1250.   

Not sure if Puppy Prep School is right for your dog or want more info:

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