Happy New Year! We have some exciting changes we wanted to share.  I apologize for how long we have been silent.  Things have taken much longer than expected and also have developed in ways we did not anticipate when we closed in September.  I hope this email finds everyone well and everyone has been enjoying the holiday season with their dogs.

Where we are going:

When I moved here with my dogs, I quickly became dissatisfied with how their options and their world had shrank.  We had moved from a city with 5-10 acre dog parks, forest rich hikes within the city and access to water.  My dogs were able to go the parks with me twice daily and walk through the woods after work with me. Here we moved to a house with a yard that offered opportunity to play but yards are pretty static environments that do not allow for exploration and rich engagement. We eventually moved to a farm for our dogs.  They have access to acreage, new scents from wildlife passing through and the security that comes from playing with dog friends. We bought a farm so our dogs could have more access to joy and freedom and get to be dogs.

I took over Downtown Dog a little less than two years ago as I wanted to work with dogs in a larger capacity and also to be able to provide jobs in the industry.  I have worked with dogs professionally for the past 23 years and the last two years have been extremely eye-opening. Since our issues with the building and our closing, I have had a lot of time to think about what I want to offer your dogs (I think about your dogs daily). I have stood in empty buildings and envisioned them with rubber floors and astro-turf in the yards and then filled them with dogs in my mind and I am struck by how lacking the environment is.  We did our best to make Downtown Dog a fun, safe environment.  We have a great group of dogs that know and trust one another but the environment was always limiting.

I want to create for your dogs what I have created for my own, a space to be a dog. A space to sniff, explore, play, dig, run and swim. I want the dogs to have access to nature, to freedom, to enriching experiences…to joy.  I want to offer to dogs what they freely offer us, joy and enrichment. Where we are headed is a bit different than a typical dog daycare.  I want to take the dogs from the city and give them access to a rich environment not a sterile, concrete, artificial environment. Access to nature, space, novelty and the benefits of rich, trusted relationships with other dogs and humans. I understand that not all dogs belong in an environment with so much freedom and there are some of you who really are only looking for daycare and in those cases I hope you have found suitable places for your dogs.  You can unsubscribe from our emails so you are not inundated with our upcoming announcements.

For those that are interested, I will be updating our social media and keeping a blog at thedowntowndog.com. We are currently securing a 20 acre property where we will create safe but stimulating environments/habitats for the dogs. We want the dogs to have the opportunity to be dogs, to experience freedoms not safe to experience in our city environment and to enrich their lives. This model will differ in that all the dogs will need to hitch a ride out either from their home or a pick-up location. I will keep you posted on timeframe and the logistics as things progress.  Right now, we are hoping to be open by Spring 2019.  Thank you to all who have reached out to check in as it has helped fuel us during this transition. To those who only use us for grooming if you have not found an alternative please feel free to reach out. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

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