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Breed of the Week: Miniature Schnauzer


  Basic Breed Info: Miniature schnauzers originated in Germany in the mid 1800s, and were bred to be used for ratting as well as a guard dog that doesn't bite. The average life span is around 12 years old, and adult miniature schnauzers generally range in size from 12-18 pounds. In many cases, their guard

Breed of the Week: Miniature Schnauzer2015-05-27T13:13:43+00:00

January Pet of the Month


Echo Say hello to your Dog of the Month. We are always excited when Echo joins us for Daycare or Boarding. The cold weather has limited her outside time lately, but she’s always the first one to the backyard as soon as the door opens.

January Pet of the Month2015-01-14T11:14:09+00:00
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