Dog Daycare

We are a member only doggie daycare located in Denver’s RiNo neighborhood.  We are committed to maintaining a fun and safe experience for all the dogs in our care and thus have created a member only community.  We keep the number of dogs we see on a daily basis small in order to provide the best experience for each dog in our care.  We believe that dogs need to have their social, mental and physical needs met to remain physically and behaviorally healthy.  Our doggie daycare is designed to fulfill these needs in a healthy, positive environment. A day here at Downtown Dog is structured so that dogs get to play, interact with the staff, get the rest they need and have positive behaviors reinforced. We believe each dog is different and unique and for this reason tailor your dog’s day so he can get maximum enjoyment and benefit out of his time at Downtown Dog.

Our smaller size ensures that:

  • The dogs know one another well and enjoy each other
  • We know your dog and his/her likes and dislikes
  • We are able to group dogs with their favorite play buddies
  • Each dog gets individualized attention during the day
  • The risks associated with group play are reduced
  • We are able to keep our dog-to-staff ratio low (1 person: 10 dogs)

At the Downtown Dog we are dedicated to creating the best daycare experience for your dog. For this reason:

  • Our staff are trained in Pet First Aid & CPR
  • Our staff are trained in dog body language and play group management
  • We know your dog and we know your dog’s favorite buddies and activities
  • We have a play yard and an activity yard to keep the dogs physically and mentally engaged during the day
  • We have climate controlled indoor facilities for play during inclement weather
  • We provide mental enrichment as part of our daycare program
  • We manage the dogs with  behavior cues like “leave it”, “wait”, “sit”, and “come”
  • We utilize time outs to help teach dogs appropriate play and to help them learn to self-regulate
  • We provide appropriate periods of rest and play to keep the dogs physically and behaviorally healthy
  • We belong to numerous organizations that promote the best care in the industry
  • We are dedicated to continuing education in behavior and play management


Full Day of Doggie Daycare: $32

Doggie Daycare Full Day Packages:

  • 5 Days- $150
  • 10 days- $280
  • 20 days- $500

*Packages expire a year from date of purchase and are non-refundable. Dogs from the same household can share packages.


Because of our smaller size, doggie daycare is by reservation only.

Ready to have your dog join us for doggie daycare? Learn more about our interview day.

We’re looking forward to meeting you and your dog!