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Foraging is an innate behavior in dogs.  To forage means to hunt or gather food so for most animals, foraging is a natural behavior. I am sure most of us have witnessed this behavior in our own dogs.  Have a dog that counter surfs, that gets into the garbage, that finds food in unlikely


Enrichment In A Group Environment


When considering animal welfare and environmental enrichment, it is critical to remember that both are individual-based. While animal caretakers and managers are often concerned with populations, enrichment and welfare are not – what is beneficial to one individual may not be for another.   https://theshapeofenrichmentinc.wildapricot.org/About-Enrichment So how do we achieve enrichment in a group environment? Through our

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What do you mean Enrichment Center?


Definition of Environmental Enrichment   Enrichment is a dynamic process for enhancing animal environments within the context of the animals behavioral biology and natural history. Environmental changes are made with the goal of increasing the animal's behavioral choices and drawing out their species-appropriate behaviors, thus enhancing animal welfare. —1999 AZA Behavior Scientific Advisory Group   So

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What is enrichment? Enrichment is a buzz word in the dog world right now, but what does it really mean? Per Wikipedia, enrichment is the action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something. So, when it comes to our dogs, enrichment is the action of improving and


New Year with Downtown Dog


Happy New Year! We have some exciting changes we wanted to share.  I apologize for how long we have been silent.  Things have taken much longer than expected and also have developed in ways we did not anticipate when we closed in September.  I hope this email finds everyone well and everyone has been enjoying

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Under Construction


Our location at 3325 Brighton Blvd Denver, CO is closed permanently Our new Canine Enrichment Center is currently under Construction.  We will keep you updated through our social media and blog. Thank you for your interest!

Under Construction2018-12-24T10:43:02-06:00
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